At AIPAC, Kerry Makes Strong Case for Two-State Diplomacy

March 3, 2014

Secretary of State Kerry has once again made the strong case for American diplomacy to ensure Israeli security and end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Speaking to 14,000 participants at the AIPAC National Policy Conference, Kerry praised both Prime Minister Netanyahu’s and President Abbas’ efforts to end their decades-long conflict.

Invoking the memory of slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin with the Hebrew song of peace, Shir L’Shalom, Kerry declared, “Don’t say the day will come. Bring the day. That is our mission… This is about the dreams of Israelis and the dignity of Palestinians. It’s about answering King David’s timeless call, that we seek peace and pursue it.”

The secretary promised that America will stand firmly by Israel’s side in the face of serious challenges to her future. “We are at a point in history that requires the US as Israel’s closest friend… to do everything we can to help end this conflict once and for all,” he said.

Kerry laid out the many benefits of a peace agreement, stressing that only a two-state solution can safeguard Israel as a democracy and Jewish homeland. He argued that peace would make Israel stronger, with unprecedented security guarantees developed by American and Israeli security experts. And he reminded the audience that through the Arab Peace Initiative, peace would bring even greater prosperity to Israel and open doors to the entire region.

The secretary of state has proven himself a true friend of Israel. Now is the time to back him up. When thousands of AIPAC delegates descend on Capitol Hill tomorrow, they should carry Kerry’s message forward and urge American leaders to put their full support behind this initiative.