Change Course in Gaza

June 9, 2010



In the wake of last week’s flotilla tragedy, the United States, Israel and Egypt seem to be
grasping just how counterproductive the present blockade of Gaza has

Hamas is stronger, Gilad Shalit remains captive and rockets still fall
on Israel.  Of course that hasn’t stopped Glenn Beck, Liz Cheney, and
the American “Israel-right-or-wrong” chorus from circling the wagons to
defend the blockade in its current form.

It’s time for the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement to say clearly: the
present blockade has been wrong – strategically and morally – and it’s
time to change course in Gaza.

The blockade of Gaza hasn’t simply failed, it’s undercut the goals it
was meant to achieve: Hamas remains heavily armed and its hold on the
Strip is as strong as ever, while the people of Gaza suffer – and they
and the world blame not Hamas but Israel and the United States.