Congress Continues to Maintain Successful Iran Nuclear Agreement, Takes No “Fast-Track Action” to Violate it

December 12, 2017

Sixty days after President Trump’s decision not to re-certify the Iran nuclear agreement, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA) deadline for Congress to fast-track the re-imposition of nuclear sanctions on Iran has passed without the introduction of any legislation to do so.

This is a clear sign that most Members of Congress understand a fundamental truth: The nuclear agreement is working and making Americans safer. Continuing to maintain and enforce the agreement is in the best interests of the US, Israel and our allies around the world. With the US facing a dangerous situation with North Korea and other major diplomatic and security challenges around the world, now is not the time for Congress or the president to manufacture a crisis of choice that could undermine American credibility and lead to a dangerous military confrontation in the Middle East.

Responsible elected officials should continue to listen to the overwhelming majority of the US and Israeli security establishments, who have made clear that the agreement has blocked all Iranian pathways to a nuclear weapon and that Iran is complying with its obligations. They should sideline and defeat the efforts of hawkish voices who seek to undermine and violate the nuclear agreement in order to advance their own dangerous, anti-diplomacy agenda.

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