Debate & Vote on H.Res 11 Demonstrates Shift in Pro-Israel Politics

January 6, 2017

J Street welcomes today’s robust discussion in the House of Representatives with regard to US policy toward Israel, the two-state solution and the appropriate role of the United States at the United Nations.

The debate throughout the day in the House showcased the growing diversity of opinion that exists not only in Congress but across America on Israel and its future. Honest and serious debate of these differences is vital if the United States is to play a productive role in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and advancing American interests.

We note and welcome the wide backing, on short notice, for an alternative resolution put forward by Reps. Price, Engel and Connolly (H. Res. 23) that strongly reaffirms support for US diplomatic leadership toward a two-state solution and takes a nuanced approach to American policy at the United Nations.

With regard to H.Res. 11, J Street opposed it for its inaccurate, unfair and unhelpful depiction of the Obama administration’s actions at the United Nations. We commend the Members of Congress who voted against this resolution today based on their support for a two-state solution.

We believe today’s debate indicates important changes in the political atmosphere on issues related to Israel in the Congress. The growing space available for a diversity of approaches to supporting Israel will facilitate in the long-run pragmatic and vigorous US policy-making that helps Israelis and Palestinians to reach a two-state solution.