In UNGA Speech, Netanyahu Promoted Right-Wing Agenda Over Israel’s Interests

September 27, 2018

In his speech today before the United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Netanyahu once again made clear that he is committed to advancing his own right-wing ideological agenda over Israel’s national security and long-term interests.

The prime minister’s ongoing attacks on the JCPOA nuclear agreement ignore the recommendations of the majority of Israel’s own security establishment, who support the agreement and its success in blocking all Iranian pathways to a nuclear weapon. The best way to monitor Iranian activity and ensure that Iran can never obtain a nuclear weapon is to maintain and enforce the deal– yet Netanyahu is determined to destroy it, without putting forward any viable alternative.

In his speech, the prime minister proved determined to lavish praise on President Trump and his policies, even when those policies undermine Israel’s well-being. While Netanyahu praised the Trump administration’s devastating cuts in humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA, the IDF and Israeli intelligence community have warned that these cuts are likely to imperil Israel’s security by exacerbating instability in the West Bank and Gaza.

In his vociferous defense of the discriminatory Nation-State Law, the prime minister refused to reckon with the ways in which his government has eroded the core principles and institutions of Israeli democracy. He refused to take seriously the avalanche of criticism and concern coming from Israeli society, from the American Jewish community and from Israel’s friends and supporters around the world.

With his entrenchment of occupation, embrace of Trumpism and contempt for serious diplomacy, Prime Minister Netanyahu is imperiling Israel’s long-term future as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people. Pro-Israel Americans can and must stand together with the many Israelis working to oppose the prime minister’s agenda and pursue a different, better path for their country.

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