J Street Calls on Presidential Candidates to Condemn Mike Huckabee’s Repugnant Comments

July 27, 2015

Mike Huckabee’s unconscionable statement likening the recent nuclear agreement to the Holocaust is only the latest in a long line of offensive, over-the-top remarks from the former Arkansas governor.

But, when it comes to Israel in general and the nuclear deal in particular, we are concerned that Huckabee is not alone in his dangerous rhetoric. Perhaps too afraid to debate the agreement on its merits, some of its critics have resorted to Holocaust comparisons of their own, equating President Obama and the deal’s supporters with Hitler, and evoking the specter of Nazi Germany on the eve of World War II.

There is no place in American discourse for these repugnant and desperate attacks. Moreover, they put Huckabee and other critics far out of step with the majority of Americans and American Jews who actually support the agreement.

We call on all candidates seeking the Presidency to distance themselves from Huckabee and promise to debate the agreement with the gravity that this critical issue deserves.