J Street Congratulates Endorsee Delia Ramirez On Landslide Win in IL-03

J Street Action Fund Spent $140,000 In Support of the Rising Star Progressive

June 29, 2022

Following principled progressive Delia Ramirez’s landslide victory over DMFI-endorsed Gilbert Villegas in the Democratic primary for Illinois’ 3rd congressional district, J Street’s Vice President for Public Affairs Kevin Rachlin issued the following statement:

“Delia Ramirez’s big victory is a great moment for the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement and all those who believe in electing candidates who will truly stand for their constituents’ fundamental rights and core beliefs in Washington. A talented and dedicated public servant, Ramirez is going to be a powerful voice in Congress for democratic values, diplomacy-first foreign policy and bold American leadership toward lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace.

“J Street Action Fund was proud to spend significant resources to help Ramirez secure victory in this hotly-contested primary. Our $140,000 independent expenditure campaign included investments in digital advertising, direct mail and targeted GOTV, working with and alongside a wide range of coalition partners including the Working Families’ Party, End Citizens United, and more. Along with our partners, we helped counter hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside spending against Ramirez by the AIPAC-aligned Democratic Majority For Israel (DMFI) and other right-leaning groups. Our work helped demonstrate to voters’ why Ramirez was the candidate best prepared and most committed to truly fight for her constituents in Congress.

“In an election cycle that has seen the ultra-hawkish right-wing group AIPAC and its allies like DMFI spending unprecedented sums to attack principled progressives in Democratic primaries, Delia Ramirez’s win is a great blow to their efforts. It helps demonstrate that passionate, dedicated candidates supported by a diverse local and national coalition can effectively stand up to their opponents’ attacks.

“At a time when reproductive rights, women’s rights, and vulnerable minorities across the country are under horrifying attack, it’s inspiring to see Illinois now poised to elect the first Latina congresswoman from the Midwest. We congratulate Ramirez on her victory and look forward to working closely with her in Congress next year.”