J Street Hails Obama Speech as Historic Moment for Mideast

March 21, 2013

President Obama has just delivered a historic and heroic speech to the young people of Israel and to the entire world. The president spoke movingly and honestly from the heart. He paid the people of Israel the ultimate compliment of telling them the truth.

Obama told the young people in the audience that even though peace with the Palestinians might be difficult to achieve, it was possible and necessary in order to preserve Israel’s future as a democracy and a homeland for the Jewish people. It was also dictated by the need for justice for Palestinians who should not have to live under permanent military occupation.

“President Obama’s speech is the most powerful moment the region has seen in many years. He laid out a courageous vision for the future and called on ordinary people to push their political leaders to make it happen,” said J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami.

“This speech encapsulated everything our organization believes and was founded to achieve. We pledge to work as hard as we can, with all our resources, to mobilize support in the United States to help make the president’s inspiring vision a reality,” he said.