J Street hopes progress made in White House meeting

March 3, 2014

Today’s White House meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu is an important and welcome step in the ongoing effort by Israel and the Palestinian Authority–mediated by the United States–to achieve a two-state solution.

We applaud President Obama’s willingness to personally involve himself in this effort, which is now approaching an important moment of decision. Secretary of State Kerry is working hard to craft a framework agreement that will form the basis for negotiations moving forward.

We welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu’s pledge to reach a “real peace” based on mutual recognition and urge him to remain steadfast in his effort to secure Israel’s future as a safe, democratic homeland of the Jewish people through a two-state solution.

The president made clear in an interview yesterday that ending this conflict is in the profound interest of Israel and the Palestinians, and this opportunity may not come again for years.

As Israeli and Palestinian leaders now consider the painful compromises necessary to achieve peace, they should know that American Jews stand with them.

Through the 2 Campaign, J Street is mobilizing American Jews behind the Kerry Initiative. Thousands of pro-Israel Americans have expressed their support at town halls across the country, and our petition to Secretary Kerry has garnered tens of thousands of signatures.

Now is the time for our leaders on Capitol Hill to join them by publicly declaring their support for this historic peace initiative.