J Street opposes sequestration, would not make an exception for Israel

March 6, 2013

J Street opposes the across-the-board budget cuts known as sequestration which took effect last week and which will damage many vital US programs, harm national security and cause needless hardship to millions of Americans, civilians and soldiers alike.

The way to fight sequestration is to urge Congress to cancel this crude, budget-cutting mechanism rather than to attempt to carve out exceptions to the cuts. We support call on lawmakers to reach a deal quickly that averts these negative consequences, including any harmful effects on Israel.

“The sequestration is bad policy and an abrogation of congressional responsibility. We support US aid to Israel which has been so important in developing important programs like the Iron Dome missile defense system. But American and Israeli interests are best served by rejecting the cuts across the board and not by singling out Israel as an exception,” said J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami.

“It is not in Israel’s long-term interests for its supporters in the United States to be making the argument that its needs come above those of the millions of ordinary Americans who are being hurt or the vital domestic programs that are taking a hit. We cannot in good conscience make that case,” he added.