J Street Shocked by Anti-Semitic Surge: Trump’s Words Not Enough

February 22, 2017

J Street is shocked and appalled by the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis this week – just the latest in a growing wave of anti-Semitic incidents, including four waves of coordinated bomb threats against Jewish community centers, in the past two months. The situation demands immediate and serious action from local, state and federal authorities to identify who is behind these hate crimes and bring them to justice.

President Trump’s belated statement on Tuesday decrying anti-Semitism was welcome – but far from sufficient. The President passed up several opportunities to condemn these attacks in recent weeks. He needs to send a firm and unmistakeable message to the nation and the world that he understands the gravity of the situation and will deal with it. There can be no hint of tolerance of bigotry or prejudice of any kind from the administration.

President Trump now has the opportunity and responsibility to put real meaning into his words and take firm action against this scourge.

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