J Street Strongly Condemns New Spate of Terror Attacks Throughout Israel

March 8, 2016

J Street strongly condemns today’s alarming spate of terror attacks on civilians throughout Israel.

Attacks have been reported in Petah Tikva, where one man was wounded by a stabbing; in the old city of Jerusalem, where a gunman opened fire and wounded two police officers; and in Jaffa, where ten people have been reported wounded by stabbings, and one victim, an American citizen, has died. We send our deep condolences to the anguished families of the victims, and our wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded.

These attacks are the latest horrible chapter in the terrible violence that has plagued Israel and the West Bank for months. We feel for those who have to live in fear that they or someone they love may be the victim of random violence at any moment.

No amount of legitimate frustration or despair can ever justify acts of terror and violence. These attacks against Israelis only deepen the conflict and create new tragedies. They cannot be justified and must not be excused.