J Street U Student Board Statement

October 28, 2009

Today, J Street U Student Board President Sophia Manuel released the following statement:

The national board of J Street U neither discussed nor voted on any action to remove the term “pro-Israel” from our platform, policy or the way we describe ourselves at J Street U’s national conference.

We are building this movement because we care about Israel, its future and the future of the entire Middle East.  To us being pro-Israel is intertwined with being pro-Palestine, and recognizing this is a vital step in the pursuit of a lasting peace.

Our goal is to engage with our communities on this issue, in order to create room for an open conversation on campus.  For too long there has been no space that welcomed those with questions.  We believe that when students are given a chance to explore their ideas and come to their own conclusions, we build stronger support for our positions and for Israel.