J Street Welcomes Appointment of Martin Indyk as Special Envoy

July 29, 2013

Martin Indyk’s appointment to shepherd the resumed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks is a positive sign of the seriousness with which the Obama administration is approaching these crucial negotiations.

Ambassador Indyk has all the attributes to be successful in this new assignment. He has personal relationships dating back decades with most of the main players. Importantly, both Israelis and Palestinians trust him as an impartial mediator committed to the goal of a two-state solution, which would end the conflict, give the Palestinians self-determination and ensure Israel’s future as a democracy and Jewish homeland.

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami said: “The negotiations ahead promise to be tough and will require active, determined and creative US leadership and diplomacy if they are to succeed. Ambassador Indyk can bring all these attributes to the task. Secretary of State John Kerry could not have chosen a more qualified envoy.”

J Street has enjoyed a warm relationship with Ambassador Indyk who has often shared his time and expertise with our activists and leaders. Most recently in March, he briefed around 170 of our leaders from around the country on the prospects for peace. He was somber and realistic in his assessment that time for a two-state solution may be running short – which makes Secretary Kerry’s initiative more vital than ever.