J Street Welcomes UN Security Council Passage of Iran Sanctions

June 9, 2010

Today, J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami released the following statement upon the UN Security Council’s passage of new Iran sanctions:

J Street welcomes the passage of enhanced multilateral and broad-based sanctions on Iran at the United Nations Security Council today. This vote would not have been possible without the tireless diplomatic efforts of the Obama Administration.

We commend President Obama and his team for their effort and this step in the right direction, and urge them to continue employing a dual track approach — meaningful engagement plus multilateral sanctions — to convince Iran to change course.

Today, the Government of Iran hears a clear message from the international community that there are real consequences to continued obfuscation, delay, and intransigence over its nuclear program, as well as real benefits should they fully address international concerns. We expect the Iranian regime to immediately make clear it is not pursuing nuclear weapons, to submit to international inspections, and to end its support for groups that use violence and terror against Israel. Such action will put Iran on the road to reintegration into the international community.