Khamenei’s Threats Against Israel are Repugnant and Dangerous

June 5, 2018

Ayatollah Khamenei’s recent statement threatening Israel on social media is deeply vile and disturbing. Reflecting the vitriolic anti-semitism and threats of destruction that have consistently characterized the rhetoric and actions of Iran’s Supreme Leader, these new comments continue an appalling pattern.

Khamenei’s latest screed is an important reminder of why the Iranian regime can never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon — and why it is so vital to maintain an international coalition committed to ensuring that it never does. By violating and abandoning the agreement that successfully blocked all Iranian pathways to a nuclear weapon — and by attempting to force the remaining parties out of the agreement — the Trump administration has instead chosen a path that emboldens Khamenei and the most dangerous hardline forces within Iran. This disastrous course of action threatens the security of the United States, Israel and the entire international community.