Revised Trump Travel Ban is Still Dangerous and Discriminatory

September 25, 2017

J Street strongly opposes the latest iteration of President Trump’s travel ban restricting entry to the United States. While previous iterations of these bans were intended to last just 90 days, this latest executive order would indefinitely prohibit millions of citizens of the seven affected countries from entering the United States.

Like the earlier travel bans, this one will likely do far more harm to US national security interests than good. An analysis by the Cato Institute has found that these bans would not have prevented the entry of a single person accused of terrorism in the US since the 9/11/2001 attacks. Rather than making Americans safer, the travel ban will further erode the United States’ image around the world, helping the cause of terrorist organizations which promote anti-American sentiment.

This updated executive order continues to be an unacceptable affront to our Jewish and American values. While this ban targets some non-Muslim majority countries, it clearly remains designed to limit Muslims’ ability to travel to the United States.

As the descendants of immigrants, many of whom came to the United States seeking refuge from persecution, we recognize these bans for what they are: A betrayal of our country’s proud legacy of welcoming immigrants. We vow to continue working to defeat these ill-conceived, discriminatory and dangerous measures in coalition with other organizations on the front-lines of this deeply important fight.

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