Statement on P5+1 Talks with Iran

October 1, 2009

Today, J Street Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami released the following statement:

J Street supports President Obama in his remarks today, and his strategy generally, for addressing the serious challenges and threats posed by Iran. Serious, meaningful diplomatic engagement – by a united international community – is a critical first step in preventing the development of Iranian nuclear weapons.  However, talks alone are not enough.  Iran must match deeds to words by taking concrete steps immediately to demonstrate its commitment to nonproliferation, including action to open all of its nuclear facilities to IAEA inspection and fulfill its responsibilities under various international agreements.  Should Iran not fulfill its obligations, the international community must be prepared to move forward with increased economic and diplomatic pressure, including further sanctions. Preventing an Iranian nuclear weapon is a critical strategic interest of the United States, Israel, and the entire Middle East, and is essential to achieving true peace and stability in the region.