They Don’t Speak for Us

September 7, 2010

As direct talks begin between the Israelis and Palestinians, our community faces a choice. We can work urgently and boldly to achieve two states, supporting the President’s leadership and a sustained American role.

Or we can let opponents of compromise, inside the Jewish community and out, derail the process and attempt to raise the political costs so high that American politicians walk away from the important role they must play in bringing this conflict to an end.

We have seen, for instance, how a far-right group called the Emergency Committee for Israel, founded by neo-con Bill Kristol and Evangelical Gary Bauer, is attacking pro-Israel, pro-peace Members of Congress across the country with lies and smears – and it is our job this coming year to support and defend those who are attacked.

That’s what we promised in creating J Street.  To make clear that the Emergency Committee and its attacks don’t speak for our community, we’ve launched a new website,  as well as a new ad calling out Kristol, Bauer and their out of touch records.