Warning of Drift Toward Iran War, JStreetPAC Raises Over $25k in 24 Hours for McConnell’s Senate Challenger Amy McGrath

July 10, 2019


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WASHINGTON, DC — JStreetPAC announced today that it had raised over $25,000 for Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath in the first 24 hours following the group’s endorsement of her campaign to unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

In a fundraising appeal released shortly after McGrath announced her candidacy on Tuesday, the pro-Israel, pro-peace group made clear that they were targeting McConnell as a chief enabler of President Trump’s dangerous foreign policy. They highlighted McConnell’s obstruction of a bipartisan Senate effort to prevent the president from launching an unauthorized war of choice with Iran.

“While the president is undermining our democracy and dragging us towards a disastrous war, Mitch McConnell is acting as enabler-in-chief,” said J Street’s Vice President of Political Affairs Ben Shnider. “As a veteran herself, Amy McGrath is an exciting candidate who understands the importance of diplomacy and shares the core values of pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. We’re determined to do everything we can to help her defeat the Trump-McConnell agenda at the polls.”

McGrath is a retired Marine fighter pilot who ran for Congress in Kentucky’s 6th district in 2018, losing narrowly to incumbent Rep. Andy Barr. JStreetPAC raised over $65,000 for McGrath’s House bid, part of the nearly $5 million that the group disbursed to 163 supported congressional candidates. The largest pro-Israel PAC for 6 straight cycles, JStreetPAC now endorses over half of the Democratic caucus in both the House and Senate.

“As Americans make clear that they’re sick of war-mongering and endless conflict, J Street is proud to stand with a talented new generation of leaders, like Amy McGrath, who have a very different vision for what American foreign policy should look like,” Shnider said. “Senator McConnell and the rest of the president’s allies need to pay a political price for their shameful abdication of responsibility.”

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