Swiftboating Israel’s Democracy

February 2, 2010

Israel’s democracy and those who defend its commitment to basic civil rights are under attack – and we need to fight back right now.

Growing crackdowns by Israeli authorities in Jerusalem against peaceful political activists. Leading Israeli feminists threatened with charges for the “crime” of holding a prayer service at the Western Wall.

Swiftboat style ads, funded by extremist groups based in the States and reminiscent of propaganda from the darkest days of Jewish history, attacking pro-civil rights, pro-human rights, pro-democracy activists in Israeli papers. Alan Dershowitz inciting against a political opponent, calling him “evil” and a “traitor” to the Jewish people on Israeli Army Radio.

Those of us who believe that Israel should be a symbol of Jewish and democratic values in action must fight back right now. The very character and quality of Israel’s democracy and civil society is under threat.

We’ll deliver the letter to the organizations and individuals who need to hear our pro-Israel message.