The results are in: World Zionist Congress election update

Shaina Wasserman
on March 25, 2020

The results are in for the World Zionist Conference elections, and we’re glad to report that, with help of our supporters, the HATIKVAH progressive slate was a great success.

Thanks to the votes and outreach in our communities, the HATIKVAH Slate gained seats and more than doubled its total vote count from the last election — skyrocketing from just over 3,100 to nearly 8,000 votes.

It appears that we’ll now have at least ten passionate delegates at the next Congress, working alongside our allies in the Reform, Reconstructionist and Conservative Movements to advance a pro-Israel, pro-peace, pluralistic agenda. With our slate gaining strength and the ARZA slate remaining by far the largest overall, we’ll have a strong bloc to counter the efforts of the Likud-aligned right-wing delegates.

The Congress gives Jews around the world a real voice in major funding decisions that will impact the future of Israeli democracy and society. That’s why, this year, J Street teamed up with a host of other pro-Israel progressive groups to join HATIKVAH. Our goal was to generate record voter turnout, gain seats for our slate and elect delegates who can serve as a powerful voice for our movement — and it was a clear success.

Just as important as the results themselves, our WZC campaign helped build greater visibility and solidarity for pro-Israel progressives across the world.

By getting the word out about these elections, pushing our communities to vote and fearlessly promoting our values, our community has made clear that there’s a strong alternative to the right-wing’s vision of permanent occupation and intolerance, and that our movement is a growing force to be reckoned with.

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of this get-out-the-vote effort.