The same clear mission

April 2, 2014

We’ve been on quite a roller coaster these past few days tracking Secretary of State Kerry’s efforts to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

One minute, an agreement to extend the talks seems at hand. And in the next, one side after the other is taking actions that further undermine trust and the talks appear at a stalemate.

I’m sure we’ll all be watching the news closely in the coming hours and days as the fate of the Kerry initiative hangs in the balance.

I also know that it’s easy at times like these to feel the pull of despair and disillusionment. Those who’ve been pushing for peace and justice in this conflict for a long time are all too familiar with the feeling.

But regardless of what happens in the days and weeks ahead, we in the pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy movement have the same clear mission today as when we started: helping to secure Israel’s future as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people.

And we continue to believe that US leadership is critical to achieving our goal.

Now, in this moment of uncertainty, we urge Secretary Kerry to find a way to bring to bear bold US leadership. He and the President should know that the majority of American Jews will support doing what it takes to push the sides forward toward an agreement that ends this conflict.

That’s not only an Israeli and a Palestinian interest. It’s an American interest as well.

The fight we are in isn’t easy.

The peaks and valleys take a toll.

As we watch events unfold in the coming days, let’s keep our eyes on the goals that guide us and our energy focused on the work that lies ahead.