Women Wage Peace

A Trailblazing Grassroots Movement for Peace


Women Wage Peace (WWP) is a growing movement founded in the aftermath of the 2014 Gaza War, Operation Protective Edge. Women from every sector of Israeli society organize to apply steady pressure on their political leaders to prioritize reaching a just negotiated agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. They proclaim they will not stop until they reach an agreement.

In October 2016, WWP mobilized tens of thousands of Israeli citizens to join the March of Hope, intensifying their advocacy for an agreement. And again in 2017, Women Wage Peace organized a 30,000 person rally in Jerusalem calling for peace.

Since it’s founding, WWP has convened several significant events, including an alternative speech at the Knesset with 3,000 women in attendance the day after Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before the US Congress in March of 2015, and a 50 day fast in a tent erected across the street from the Prime Minister’s residence to recognize the one year anniversary of the 2014 Gaza war. Funded by the EU in recognition of the efficacy of their work, Women Wage Peace has implemented a series of workshops designed to train 500 women from diverse communities to engage in peace activism.

By drawing attention to the work of Women Wage Peace, we can inspire Americans to promote US policies that facilitate a return to negotiations and the achievement of an agreement that will end the conflict. The Women’s Leadership Forum supports the efforts of these courageous women, organizing in the spirit of the Four Mothers Movement, whose unremitting public pressure and publicity brought about the withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000.

The J Street Women’s Leadership Forum works to amplify WWPs uniquely pluralistic voice for peace and suggests opportunities for solidarity actions that we in the United States can undertake to demonstrate our support of their efforts.

Key Points

  1. Women Wage Peace strives to bring peace by tirelessly advocating for a return to negotiations and a mutually agreed upon end to the conflict. They do not take a position on which road map, plan, or initiative to follow nor do they take a position on the outcome.
  2. The Women’s Leadership Forum is dedicated to supporting Women Wage Peace. We have met with their leaders in the United States and Israel, helped plan informational meetings in the US and have introduced their visiting representatives to influencers and thought leaders. Further, we supported and reported on the March of Hope in 2016.
  3. During the holiday of Sukkot, from October 4th-19th, 2016, Women Wage Peace successfully executed the groundbreaking March of Hope. More than 3,000 Israelis and 1,000 Palestinian women rallied for peace in the desert near Jericho, 20,000 men and women marched from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s residence to the Knesset to demonstrate for a negotiated agreement. Solidarity events were held in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Paris, Spain and the United States.
  4. Then, in October of 2017 Women Wage Peace led a two week Peace Walk which began in Sderot, passed through the Palestinian Territory, and culminated in a 30,000 person rally in Jerusalem. Thousands of Israelis and Palestinians from all across the political spectrum participated in the demonstrations.

How You Can Support Women Wage Peace

Fill out this form to indicate your interest in planning events in your community to support Women Wage Peace.

Create a quilt square for a huge patchwork quilt that Women Wage Peace is organizing. The quilt will be made up of squares created by women all over the world. WWP has set a goal of 1 million quilt squares. To learn more see this one-page description.

Screen  “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” in your community. A documentary about Leymah Gbowee’s powerful work organizing women who united to end a bloody civil war and bring peace to Liberia. Gbowee traveled to Israel for the March of Hope.

Host informational meetings to introduce Women Wage Peace in your community.


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