The district: Following redistricting in the state earlier this year, Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district (PA-01) contains a majority of the old 8th district and is centered in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. While the old 8th district (the seat Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick currently represents) voted for Trump by less than one point, the new 1st district voted for Secretary Clinton by two points.

Our Candidate: Scott Wallace is a lawyer who has worked for the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee. He also has non-profit experience in criminal justice reform and has worked with the US Justice Department. He now runs a charitable foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, with his wife.



The district: Pennsylvania’s 5th congressional district (PA-05) will have new district lines for the 116th Congress, and it will include all of Delaware County and parts of South Philadelphia. The new district is a successor to the old 7th Congressional District, which is currently vacant following former Rep. Pat Meehan’s resignation in April 2018. Secretary Clinton won this district by 28 points, making this new seat a likely win/pickup for Democrats.

Our Candidate: Mary Gay Scanlon is the Democratic nominee in Pennsylvania’s 5th congressional district (PA-05) and an attorney specializing in education law. Scanlon won a competitive 10-way primary with 28% of the vote in May to secure the Democratic nomination for this seat.



The district: In a closely watched March 2018 special election, Conor Lamb won election to Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district in a major upset for national Republicans. Due to redistricting in Pennsylvania, he will be seeking reelection for a full term in November 2018 in Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district. This race will pit him against Republican Rep. Keith Rothfus, in a rare incumbent versus incumbent contest.

Our Candidate: Congressman Conor Lamb is a Marine, former federal prosecutor, and the incumbent Representative in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district. From 2014-2017, Conor served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Pittsburgh and led prosecutions against drug dealers, violent criminals, and firearm traffickers. Prior to his appointment as a federal prosecutor, Conor was a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, and he continues to serve as a Major in the Marine Corps Reserves.


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