Tali deGroot

National Political Director

Tali deGroot returned to J Street in 2022 as the Ilya Braverman National Political Director. Tali previously worked at J Street from 2016-2019 in various roles on the Capitol South Regional Team. Tali first discovered J Street while she was a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the organization has been her political home ever since.

Tali joins the political team after spending six years setting records fundraising for progressive political candidates and causes. Most recently, Tali served as Senior Advisor for Maxwell Frost in Florida’s 10th Congressional District – helping elect the first Gen-Z Member of Congress. In 2021, Tali served as Finance Director for Nina Turner’s campaign for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District. Under her leadership, the campaign raised $6.1 million in 7 months. Previously, Tali served as Director of Campaigns at Grassroots Analytics, a progressive consumer data company where she helped hundreds of political campaigns and non-profits use data to supercharge their fundraising. In the 2020 cycle, Tali led Jessica Cisneros’ fundraising operation in her campaign for Texas’ 28th Congressional District. The team set the record for most raised by a primary challenger: $2.05 million in 9 months with an average contribution of $26.