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Senator Cardin Opposes Confirmation of David Friedman

Press Release

"I am unable to support his nomination as America’s top diplomat in Israel... Taken together, Friedman’s statements and affiliations make it clear that he does not believe the two-state solution is necessary for a just and lasting peace."

Senate panel approves Trump’s Israel envoy in near party-line vote


Aside from Committee Chairman Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., the only speakers at the meeting were Democrats who opposed Friedman’s nomination. They cited many of the concerns raised by liberal Jewish groups opposed to Friedman

Senators Van Hollen, Duckworth troubled by Friedman's nomination

Jewish Journal

Two Senators added their concern on Tuesday regarding David Friedman’s nomination for U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

Sen. Patrick Leahy Comes Out Against David Friedman for U.S. Envoy to Israel


Joining more than ten Democrats who oppose Trump's pick for Israel ambassador, the longest-serving member of Senate says there are 'qualified Americans who could capably support that role, Mr. Friedman is not among them.'

David Friedman unfit to be ambassador to Israel

SF Chronicle

In an op-ed, Senator Dianne Feinstein wrote, "We need an ambassador who will bridge the divide between Israelis and Palestinians, not make it worse."

5 Former ambassadors say Trump pick for Israel is unqualified

ABC News

Five former U.S. ambassadors to Israel said Wednesday that the man President Donald Trump has selected for the post is unqualified and are urging senators to carefully consider his nomination.

David Friedman is unfit to serve as US Ambassador to Israel

David Friedman, President Trump’s nominee for US Ambassador to Israel, is a leading supporter of the settlement movement who lacks any diplomatic or policy credentials. He has attacked fellow Jews and public figures with hateful accusations that should disqualify him from representing our country in any capacity, never mind in one of the region’s most sensitive and important diplomatic posts. Friedman is an unacceptable choice and should be beyond the pale for Senators considering who should represent the United States in Israel.

In his own words

Friedman has viciously attacked individuals who do not agree with his positions on Israel, often resorting to claiming that they are anti-Semitic. Conversely, he’s been quick to brush off concerns about anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry directed toward his political allies, even attacking trusted organizations like the ADL.

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Below are a few of his most egregious comments. Our friends at Americans for Peace Now have put together the most extensive history of Friedman’s undiplomatic remarks currently available.

  • On J Street


    "Finally, are J Street supporters really as bad as kapos? The answer, actually, is no. They are far worse than kapos – Jews who turned in their fellow Jews in the Nazi death camps."

  • On President Obama

    "Blatant anti-Semitism"

    Accused President Obama of engaging in “blatant anti-Semitism,” claiming, “the blatant anti-Semitism emanating from our President and his sycophantic minions is palpable and very disturbing.”

  • On the two-state solution


    Called the two-state solution an "illusion" and a "scam." Claimed it is "an illusory solution in search of a non-existent problem.”

  • On Senator Schumer


    Commenting on Senator Schumer’s careful deliberation over whether or not to support the Iran nuclear deal, Friedman stated, "Schumer is validating the worst appeasement of terrorism since Munich."

  • On settlements

    "This is our land"

    "As a general rule, we should expand a community in Judea and Samaria where the land is legally available and a residential or commercial need is present – just like in any other neighborhood anywhere in the world.... How can we expect to be taken seriously that this is our land?"

  • On the ADL


    Commenting on the Anti-Defamation League’s condemnation of anti-Semitism amongst Trump supporters, Friedman said “They lose all credibility, and frankly, they sound like morons. That’s what these people are. They’re morons."

What others are saying -- Letters

600+ Rabbis and Cantors Sign Letter Calling on Senate to Reject David Friedman

Over 600 rabbis and cantors — including many on J Street’s Rabbinic and Cantorial Cabinet — signed on to a letter calling on the Senate to reject David Friedman, President Trump’s nominee to be US Ambassador to Israel.

Holocaust Survivors Raise Concerns About Trump's Choice for US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman

Dozens of Holocaust survivors recently signed onto a letter addressed to the ranking members on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee objecting to the nomination of David Friedman, President Trump’s pick to be the next Ambassador to Israel

5 former US ambassadors to Israel say David Friedman unqualified

Five former U.S. ambassadors to Israel who served under both Democratic and Republican presidents said that President Donald Trump’s nominee as envoy is “unqualified for the position.”

Holocaust Scholars Sign Letter Raising Concerns about Trump's Choice for US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman

Dozens of Holocaust scholars recently signed onto a letter addressed to the ranking members on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee raising serious concerns about David Friedman, President Trump’s pick to be the next Ambassador to Israel.

120 Jewish studies professors join together to oppose Trump's pick for US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman

120 Jewish studies professors urge the Senate Minority leader to vote against Trump's appointment for U.S. envoy to Israel, citing his incendiary remarks on organizations such as J Street and the ADL.

What others are saying -- Editorials

A Dangerous Choice for Ambassador to Israel

December 16, 2016

"The Senate has the responsibility to protect Mr. Trump and the country from taking this reckless step."

Trump’s Israel ambassador pick could have dangerous consequences

December 19, 2016

"It’s hard to imagine how Mr. Friedman, who has no diplomatic experience, will forge constructive relations with the majority of Israelis who don’t share his hard-line ideology."

Trump needs to lay out his strategy for the Mideast

December 30, 2016

"The president-elect has also made an inflammatory pick for ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, an ardent supporter of the West Bank settlements that stand as the most visible impediment to peace."

Trump’s Israel Envoy Should Be Persona Non Grata

December 18, 2016

"If Friedman’s appointment fails to pass in the Senate after close scrutiny of his background and a thorough hearing, that will be a blessing for Israel.

Trump’s pick for Israeli ambassador will worsen a bad situation

December 21, 2016

"Friedman is the wrong fit for a critical role."

Reject choice for ambassador to Israel

December 23, 2016

"Trump has announced many horrible appointments... Yet Friedman may be the worst appointee in the worst place at the worst time."

Real diplomat needed

February 15, 2017

"It is hard to imagine a diplomat with a less diplomatic personality."

David Friedman, President-elect Trump's pick ambassador to Israel, is not a diplomat

December 17, 2017

"For a posting so consequential, in a region so volatile, David Friedman has exhibited a painful lack of diplomatic skills."

What Others are Saying — Members of Congress


Senator Sherrod Brown (Full Statement): In a statement, Senator Brown said, “Mr. Friedman’s past comments, temperament, and lack of experience give me serious doubts that he can fulfill America’s commitment to Israel’s security and values.”

Senator Cory Booker (Full Statement): In a statement following his vote against David Friedman in the SFRC, Senator Booker wrote: “Mr. Friedman has a long history of making degrading and incendiary comments, and attacking seemingly anyone who disagrees with him. Such a track record would critically wound anyone’s ability to fulfill their duties as an ambassador, but even more so in this position, one of our nation’s most sensitive and important diplomatic posts which demands the highest standard of diplomatic ability.”

Senator Ben Cardin (Full Statement): In a statement, Senator Cardin wrote, “Following extensive consideration of Mr. Friedman’s record and taking into account his statements during his nomination hearing, I have concluded that his past record would make it very difficult for him to serve as that unifying force. For that reason, I am unable to support his nomination as America’s top diplomat in Israel.”

Senator Chris Coons (Full Statement): “I do not believe Mr. Friedman will be able to earn, or keep, the broad confidence of the American or Israeli people, which is vital to bring together all sides of the impassioned debates in the United States and Israel.”

Senator Tammy Duckworth (Full Statement): In an interview with Jewish Insider, Senator Duckworth said of Friedman: “I’m deeply concerned about his nomination. His past comments have been pretty incendiary, and I don’t think he would help with any type of movement towards reconciliation and a two state solution.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein (Full Statement): In an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle titled “David Friedman unfit to be ambassador to Israel,” Senator Feinstein wrote: “We need an ambassador who will bridge the divide between Israelis and Palestinians, not make it worse.”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (Full Statement): A spokesperson said Senator Gillibrand, “has serious concerns about David Friedman’s nomination…”

Senator Martin Heinrich (Full Statement): In a USA Today op-ed, Senators Feinstein and Heinrich wrote, “…President Trump’s nominee to be the ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has been a benefactor of Israeli settlement expansion and has demonstrated an openly hostile attitude to a two-state solution. These Israeli actions and Friedman’s views are not helpful to Israel, to the peace process, or to the national security of the United States.”

Senator Tim Kaine (Full Statement):  “The U.S. Ambassador to Israel serves as the steward of this vital relationship in a volatile part of the world and must be able to engage effectively with representatives across Israeli society, promote dialogue, and demonstrate respect for different views. While it is clear that David Friedman is committed to the U.S.-Israel relationship, his history of inflammatory rhetoric is poorly matched for this role.”

Senator Patrick Leahy (Full Statement): “These statements and actions not only indicate his rejection of decades of bipartisan policy; they are the words of someone who makes a mockery of the term “diplomat” and who has demonstrated no ability to be objective and constructive on sensitive issues of immense importance to U.S. security.”

Senator Ed Markey (Full Statement): Following his vote against Friedman in the SFRC, Senator Markey wrote:I am deeply concerned about President Donald Trump’s nomination of Mr. David Friedman to be the U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Mr. Friedman has made offensive remarks comparing “liberal” Jews to Nazi collaborators. He accused President Barack Obama of making anti-Semitic statements. He has supported the expansion of settlement construction. Most alarmingly, he has disparaged the two-state solution.”

Senator Chris Murphy (Full Statement): After Friedman’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Murphy told reporters, “It’s hard to understand how somebody renounces so many controversial positions and statements on the eve of their [committee] vote. I appreciate his contrition, but the volume of his over-the-top statements are still hard to ignore.”

Senator Chris Van Hollen (Full Statement): In an interview with Jewish Insider, Senator Van Hollen said of David Friedman:  “At this moment, I do not intend to support his nomination… His record clearly indicates that he is not in the bipartisan tradition of seeking out the two state solution. He is much more an advocate for some kind of one state solution. I think his views are so far out of the bipartisan mainstream.”

Sen. Tom Udall (Full Statement): During Friedman’s confirmation vote in the SFRC,Senator Udall stated: “I do not believe this committee has ever considered a nominee who is both so extreme in policy views and has been so un-diplomatic with sustained, deliberate, offensive rhetoric.”


Rep. Yvette Clarke (Full Statement): “I oppose this ill-conceived nomination and call upon my colleagues in the United States Senate to oppose Mr. Friedman’s confirmation.”

Rep. Steve Cohen (Full Statement): Tweeted that Friedman is “Dangerous for 2-state solution & peace for #Israel.”

Rep. Gerry Connolly (Full Statement): Tweeted that Friedman is “a bigot” whose nomination “is an affront to US policies on settlements and a two-state solution.”

Rep. Joe Kennedy III (Full Statement): Tweeted that Friedman’s “one statement of regret won’t paint over his record” of using “actions and words to undermine peace…”

Rep Barbara Lee (Full Statement): Tweeted that she is: “Troubled by Trump’s choice of David Friedman as US Amb to Israel. His radical views threaten longstanding US polices like a 2-state solution.”

Rep. Alan Lowenthal (Full Statement): Posted on Facebook that Friedman is “an unacceptable choice” who “does damage to our credibility and makes peace more difficult.”

Rep. Gwen Moore (Full Statement): Said in a statement, “From his blind support for settlements in the West Bank and flagrant opposition to a two-state solution to his unconscionable and frighteningly casual use of holocaust imagery to vilify progressive American Jews, Mr. Friedman lacks the experience and temperament necessary to serve as our nation’s ambassador to Israel.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler (Full Statement): Said in a statement, “Mr. Friedman’s radical hardline positions place him far outside the mainstream of both American and Israeli policy, and of American Jewry…Mr. Friedman’s views break with one of the fundamental building blocks of U.S. and Israeli policy, jeopardizing the U.S.-Israel relationship going forward.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (Full statement): Wrote in an op-ed, “The confirmation of David Friedman as ambassador to Israel would be bad news not only for Israel and the Palestinians, but for solidarity and civility in the American Jewish community.”

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Full Statement): Posted on her website, “David Friedman is wholly unfit and completely unqualified to serve as our country’s ambassador to Israel…His appointment would make a very dangerous situation even worse.”

Rep. Brad Sherman (Full Statement): Told an interviewer, “What we don’t need is someone playing a foreigner’s role in Israeli politics, trying to egg on Israel into a belief that somehow they can announce to the world that they are permanently going to govern millions of Palestinians but somehow not let them vote.”

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Full Statement): Said in a statement, “If the United States truly seeks a lasting peace in the Middle East, President Trump’s choice to be our country’s next envoy to Israel is the wrong man. David Friedman will bring only a lengthy record of conflict and provocation to the job.”

Rep. Adam Smith (Full Statement): “While it is the Senate’s choice whether to confirm Mr. Friedman, I believe our nation would be better served if President Trump nominated a proven diplomat, fully committed to Israel’s security as a democratic and Jewish state and a two-state solution.”

Rep. John Yarmuth (Full Statement): Posted to Facebook, “Donald Trump’s appointment of David Friedman as U.S. Ambassador to Israel is totally out of step with longstanding, bipartisan US foreign policy.”

Jewish Organizations


“David Friedman’s views, which have already had a tremendous impact on President-elect Trump and the Republican Party, directly conflict with long standing American foreign policy and practice in the region.” Full Statement

Americans for Peace Now

“Friedman opposes the very essence of APN’s values and mission. We oppose Friedman’s nomination. We will fight it both on Capitol Hill and in the public sphere.” Full Statement

Association of Reform Zionists of America

“ARZA regards Mr. Friedman’s support for the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, his opposition to a two-state solution, and his open hostility and use of slurs like “kapo” towards other Jews as inappropriate for the American representative to the Jewish State.” Full Statement

Central Conference of American Rabbis

“We are particularly concerned by Mr. Friedman’s apparent support for unfettered expansion of settlements in disputed territory and his rejection of the two-state solution, flying in the face of decades of U.S. policy toward the region…” Full Statement

Israel Policy Forum

“While we respect the right of any democratically-elected leader to set his or her own policies, a Trump administration that embraces those supported by Mr. Friedman will be disastrous for Israel, American interests and broader stability in the region…” Full Statement

National Council of Jewish Women

“Friedman’s extremist views would lead us down a dangerous path to greater violence and self-destruction. Simply put, David Friedman is an irresponsible choice as US Ambassador to Israel.” Full Statement

New Israel Fund

“He stands for neither democracy nor the Jewish value of tsedek that are so desperately needed in these times. He represents extreme fringe views that are at odds with most American Jews. ” Full Statement

Union for Reform Judaism

“After extensive consideration of his lengthy public record on issues related to Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship, as well as hearing from Mr. Friedman during his confirmation hearing and a one-on-one private meeting between Mr. Friedman and URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs, we oppose the nomination.” Full Statement

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Other notable opposition:

David Axelrod: “The Senate should reject this nomination!”

Martin Indyk: “Trump nominates a great ambassador for the deep settler state. But David Friedman needs to be US envoy to all Israelis. Is he up for that?”

David Remnick: Friedman comments constitute “a calumny of the most disgusting order.”

Randi Weingarten: “Reckless, harmful to peace, and dangerous.”

Further reading

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10 Questions U.S. Senators Should Ask David Friedman, Trump’s Pick for Israel Envoy, by Judy Maltz. Haaretz, 2/8/2017.

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Criticism of, Opposition to David Friedman

Why Jews Should Oppose David Friedman, by Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, The Forward. 3/6/2017.

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The Case Against David Friedman, by Rob Eshman. Jewish Journal, 2/15/2017.

Smearing Fellow Jews as ‘Kapos’ Disqualifies David Friedman from Representing America, by Alan Elsner. Forward, 1/24/2017.

David Friedman is the wrong choice for US ambassador to Israelby Lara Friedman. The Hill, 1/26/2017.

Dear Chuck Schumer: Stop David Friedman (Letter from 120 Jewish Studies Professors), in JP Updates, 1/16/2017.

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Trump’s choice for Israel ambassador is a danger to American lives, by Richard Cohen. Washington Post, 12/19/2016.

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