Israel Ad for Peace

May 18, 2011

On the eve of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, more and more prominent Israelis are calling for recognizing a Palestinian state now and for negotiating with that state to achieve peace and security. They are calling it an “existential Israeli interest.” On May 18th, they ran unprecedented ads in Israeli papers making their case, signed by 18 generals and 27 winners of the prestigious Israel Prize, among others. We’re running this groundbreaking ad verbatim in The New York Times. Help us raise the funds necessary to amplify these immensely important, pro-peace Israeli voices. Who signed the ad?

  • Over two dozen senior security establishment names, including 18 retired generals.
  • Approximately 40 distinguished prize winners, including 27 Israel prize laureates.
  • Over 5 former ambassadors, consul generals, and directors of the foreign ministry
  • Over 5 current or former presidents of universities

Click here to view a full list of signatories.