Bipartisan House Amendment to NDAA Blocks Trump from Launching Unauthorized War with Iran — Lawmakers Must Demand Its Inclusion in Final Bill

July 12, 2019

In response to the House’s passage of the Khanna-Gaetz amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), J Street’s Vice President of Government Affairs Dylan Williams issued the following statement:

“By passing this pivotal amendment, the House of Representatives just sent a strong message that President Trump is not authorized to launch a disastrous new war of choice with Iran. Bipartisan majorities of both the House and Senate have now made clear that they will not allow this administration to usurp Congress’ constitutional responsibility to decide whether our country enters into war.

J Street members across the country will be urging Congressional leadership and members of the conference committee to ensure that this provision is included in the final, conference version of the NDAA that is sent to the president’s desk. With the future of the region and many lives hanging in the balance, Trump and Senator McConnell cannot be allowed to defy the will of bipartisan congressional majorities in both houses.”