J Street Condemns Alarming New Spate of Terror Attacks Against Israelis in West Bank, Jerusalem

December 13, 2018

J Street is deeply alarmed and saddened by a new spate of terror attacks by Palestinian extremists against Israeli soldiers, police and civilians in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

In a shooting near the West Bank settlement of Ofra, two Israeli soldiers were killed, while another soldier and civilian were seriously wounded. In Jerusalem’s Old City, two police officers sustained moderate wounds from a stabbing attack. There has also been a suspected attempted car-ramming attack near Ramallah. All of these incidents come in the wake of Sunday’s shooting attack near Ofra, in which seven Israelis, including a pregnant mother, were wounded. The mother’s infant child, who was prematurely delivered following the attack, has since tragically died.

At this time, our thoughts are with all of the victims, with their families and their loved ones. We grieve those who have been killed and hope that the wounded will achieve swift and complete recoveries.

There can be no excuse for this violence, which ultimately only leads to greater suffering for both Israelis and Palestinians. According to reports, the attacks may have been orchestrated by the terrorist organization Hamas. The Palestinian Authority and all responsible Palestinian leaders must condemn these incidents and continue to undertake vital security cooperation with Israel in order to identify those responsible and help prevent a further dangerous escalation in violence.

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