J Street Condemns Latest Attacks on Israelis

February 3, 2016

J Street unequivocally condemns the latest deadly attack in Jerusalem against Israelis in which 19-year-old border policewoman Hadar Cohen was killed and two other Israelis wounded. We send condolences to the bereaved and wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded.

It is particularly worrying that the three Palestinian assailants from the West Bank, all of whom were killed in the attack, were armed with guns and explosives as well as knives. This is a significant escalation in the tragic violence that has gripped the region in recent months. This particular attack, horrific though it was, might have resulted in even higher casualties.

Also deeply concerning was an attack on February 1 by a Palestinian Authority staff sergeant who opened fire on and wounded three Israeli soldiers at a West Bank checkpoint.

As we have said before, though we can understand the frustration of young Palestinians at the conditions of their lives and the lack of apparent hope, there is no justification for terrorism and violence. These random attacks against Israelis only deepen the conflict and create new tragedies. They cannot be justified and should not be excused.

This is a time for both Israeli and Palestinian leaders to lead responsibly by acting to calm the situation and by avoiding statements and actions that stoke the tensions.