J Street Condemns Onslaught of Antisemitism Following Mar-a-Lago Search

August 16, 2022

J Street condemns the appalling onslaught of antisemitic rhetoric and threats against judges, law enforcement officers and Jewish journalists following the FBI’s search of former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach County residence and resort. In particular, we are horrified that the threats against Judge Reinhart, who signed the search warrant, were so overwhelming that his synagogue was forced to cancel Shabbat services out of fear for its members’ safety.

“Political leaders across the spectrum must loudly and unambiguously condemn these smears and attacks,” said J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami. “It is beyond alarming that right-wing political leaders and media figures continue to traffic in antisemitic dog whistles about ‘globalists’ and George Soros, and continue to lean into deadly antisemitic conspiracy theories, including the ‘Great Replacement’ theory.”

“There’s a direct line between the ever more prevalent conspiracy theories circulating on the far right that traffic in antisemitism and the rising threat of violent attacks on Jewish Americans and other minority communities,” Ben-Ami said. “Our community must not only rally to support those targeted, but must be clear that — no matter your politics — there can be no tolerance for political figures who endanger our community, undermine our democracy and attack the rule of law.”