J Street Expresses Solidarity with Israelis under Rocket Fire

July 8, 2014

J Street expresses profound worry at the latest developments in Israel and Gaza and expresses solidarity with the Israelis who are being targeted by indiscriminate rocket attacks fired by Hamas and other terrorist groups.

We fully endorse Israel’s right to defend its people from these reprehensible attacks. At the same time, we also feel for the Palestinian civilians in Gaza who are caught in the middle of this tragic conflict.

In Tel Aviv tonight, Jeremy Ben-Ami said:

“We urge Israel to do its utmost to avoid civilian casualties as it responds to this situation. We demand an end to the rocket fire from Gaza and call on Palestinian leaders to do all they can toward that end. We hope that responsible parties, led by the United States, can use their good offices to try to bring an early end to this crisis based on a complete cessation of all attacks on civilians.”