With shocking speed, the status quo has started to crumble across the Middle East. That wave of change is headed inevitably to the borders of Israel. Violence is heating up, Hamas and Fatah are talking reconciliation, and a September vote looms at the UN on Palestinian statehood. President Obama needs a proactive strategy to avert a crisis or violent conflict on the Israeli-Palestinian front. It is time for a Presidential visit to Israel. We urge the President to go to Jerusalem in the coming months with a new diplomatic initiative that leads to a two-state solution and averts a September UN vote that will cause even deeper international isolation for Israel without solving the conflict. Since before he took office, we’ve called on President Obama to deliver twin speeches – one to the Jewish people in Jerusalem and one to the Palestinian people, outlining his vision for Arab-Israeli peace based on principles derived from 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. During the visit, the President should assure the Israeli people of his personal – and the American people’s – commitment to their security and connect with their hopes and fears, even as he also speaks to the hopes and dreams of the Palestinian people for a state of their own. The consensus around the need for such bold action is growing — please add your voice today.