2024 Fall National Leadership Summit

September 15-17, 2024
Washington, DC


Every year, the Leadership Summit is an invaluable opportunity to fine-tune our strategies and policies, share best practices across regions and generate creative new ideas. In addition to coming together as a community, hearing from experts on our issue and attending vital skill-building sessions, we will advocate for our priorities with members of Congress during Advocacy Day on Tuesday, September 17, 2024. With the upcoming November elections – and the impact they’ll have both at home and abroad – the stakes could not be higher. By coming together this fall, our movement can ensure that our voices and values are heard on all levels – from the halls of Congress to our own communities – and felt on the ground where they matter most.

J Street’s COVID Policy

Only fully vaccinated individuals can attend the Summit in person in Washington, DC. A person is considered vaccinated two weeks after they receive their most recent Covid 19 vaccine. For more specific information, please click on the Participant Information tab.