Israel 2023 WTF?!
A Zine by Leah Yael Levy

September 8, 2023

In this zine, author and artist Leah Yael Levy offers her perspective as an Israeli living in the US seeing constant headlines about Netanyahu’s assault on democracy and the fear and anxiety that comes with watching your homeland come under attack from within its own government.

Author’s Note:
This past year, while watching from afar how my homeland self-destructs, and the people fighting to keep that from happening, I was mostly too busy with teaching to make any art about the situation. Once my summer programs ended I had about three weeks of time with no commitments before I was set to participate in the San Francisco Zine Fest. Multiple friends and colleagues asked me if I was working on anything new and I kept saying- if I make anything in this short window it’s going to have to be about what’s happening in Israel right now, it’s all I can think about. Most of them did not really know what I was talking about. Which made it clear, I had to make it. When I sat down to do it, this is what came out.

About the Author:
Leah Yael Levy is my full name, I prefer that you call me Yael. I am a mixed media artist, storyteller, printmaker and educator based in Berkeley, CA. I draw, paint, collage and write. I often self publish my work, and sometimes print and bind it by hand. I love playing with forms and format and mixing digital and tactile techniques. I believe the creative process to be its own reward and the act of making an incredible tool for healing and growing.