J Street U Student Leader Hub

Data Guide

Procedure for Entering Student Data for All Events (this includes all activities with the exception of board meetings)

  1. Event Creation: No later than 3 days before an event, students will create the chapter event using this form.
  2. Please make sure that the title of the event has your university name in it
  3. Event Check-in: At each event, students have the option of two methods for event sign in.
    1. Online Sign-In: Students can have a computer open with this link and ask students to sign in when entering.
    2. Paper Sign-In: Students can download this template and print for students to manually sign in at events or during tabling. Note that if chapter opts for paper sign in, after the event, the attendees must be entered digitally through the online sign-in link on the same day.
  4. No later than 5 days after the event, your organizer will send you a report of the attendance at the event so you will have access to students’ contact information. If you need it sooner, please be in touch with your organizer.
    1. Doing both steps 1 and 2 will allow us to send you this report to please make sure you are doing BOTH

For Virtual Events

  1. Same as above (steps 1 and 2) EXCEPT that students should be 1) making sure they are using their organizers zoom account and ensuring the settings are set to “registration required” and 2) students post the link to sign in to form an assembly in the chat and make sure students “sign in virtually”

*Privacy note: Only J Street Staff will have access to the back-end of these reports. Any student coming to an event who does not feel comfortable sharing their contact information with J Street is entitled to opt-out of signing in.

Event Creation
Prior to each event (days in advance), you’ll want to submit an event creation form. This form creates a “campaign” (event) in Salesforce

Event Check-in
At each event, you’ll want to use this link to allow students to check into your events.

Logging Interactions
After you meet with students, it’s important to log any notes or interactions. There are two tracks in this form — new student or existing student. New students require you to gather additional information from students. Existing students will skip the student information section.