With Bullying Letter to European Allies, GOP Senators Embrace Trump’s Drift Toward War with Iran

July 27, 2018

Just over three years ago, 47 Republican Senators shamefully wrote to Iran’s leaders advising them to ignore the words and efforts of US diplomats negotiating an agreement that, despite the Senators’ effort to sabotage it, succeeded in blocking each of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon. Yesterday, ten of these same Senators wrote to some of our European allies in an attempt to disrupt their earnest, good-faith efforts to keep the anti-nuclear agreement alive.

The Senators’ new letter, clearly intended to intimidate our allies, is a full embrace of President Trump’s reckless “America Alone” foreign policies that are isolating our country and potentially leading it down the path to another costly and bloody war of choice. It exacerbates the serious damage stemming from the president’s abrogation of a highly effective non-proliferation agreement that has been fully implemented by its other parties. It echoes his shameful bullying of close allies whose most essential security interests have been bound up with ours for decades.

Let’s be absolutely clear: The American people do not want a war with Iran. Those in Congress who enable this president and his war cabinet as they seek to drag the country into another disastrous and avoidable conflict will be responsible for its consequences.

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