Assistant Director of Public Engagement and Educational Resources

Abby Kirschbaum serves as Assistant Director of Public Engagement and Educational Resources at J Street. Prior to her role at J Street, Abby worked as the Jerusalem Branch Manager of Mejdi Tours, a dual-narrative tour company that brings Israeli and Palestinian tour guides together to share their personal backgrounds and perspectives on the conflict. Abby also worked on issues of movement, trade and access at the Office of The Quartet, where she began to understand firsthand just how closely linked the prospect of the two-state solution is to economic barriers posed by the occupation. Abby received her master’s degree in social science from The University of Chicago’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies, where she specialized on the group rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel and studied intensive Arabic. Abby has also worked at a branch of the Israeli Economic Ministry in San Francisco, where she focused on the venture capital pursuits of Israeli companies seeking capital investments abroad. Abby received her bachelor’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Middle Eastern Studies from The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, where she also conducted research on the legal rights of Palestinian Citizens of Israel. Despite the hardships facing Israelis and Palestinians on a daily basis, Abby remains hopeful that both peoples will experience a future in which human dignity, rights and equality are available to all.