Associate Regional Director, Team 4

Rabbi Suskin joined J Street as Associate Regional Director in 2023. She is a long-time activist for the two-state solution, serving on the executive board of T’ruah for many years and as Director of Strategic Communications at Americans for Peace Now.

Recognizing the importance of interfaith understanding and cooperation, she has been a vocal proponent of fostering dialogue between different religious communities. Her efforts in interfaith initiatives, such as the non-profit she co-founded in 2017, The Pomegranate Initiative, have helped build bridges of understanding, emphasizing the shared values that can unite people of diverse backgrounds in the pursuit of peace. In 2021, she served as one of the moderators of the Clubhouse room, “Meet Palestinians and Israelis,” a live conversation which surpassed half a million participants in a two-week marathon of direct conversations between Palestinian and Israeli speakers, as well as Jews, Muslims, Christians and others in the largest citizen diplomatic effort in history. She served as a chair of the Maryland Poor People’s campaign for five years, building bridges with faith leaders working to dismantle structural barriers to equality in the US.

An accomplished writer and thought leader, Rabbi Suskin’s writings have provided a thoughtful and compassionate perspective on how Jewish values can inspire activism and promote reconciliation. Rabbi Suskin is excited to continue her life-long commitment to working for justice, peace, and a democratic Israel by joining J Street and its vision of a secure, democratic, and inclusive Israel.