Success: August Action Challenge generates 63,932 actions

September 2, 2009

 At the beginning of August, we set an ambitious goal of taking 50,000 actions by the end of the month to support the President’s push for a two-state solution. And with your help, we not only hit that goal – we smashed it!

Together, we stood up to baseless rumors and smears against President Obama; supported the President’s balanced approach to resolving the conflict; told our friends and family about the many prominent Israelis who support strong US leadership in the Mideast; and let the President and Special Envoy Mitchell know that they have our support when they “hit the gas” on a two-state solution.

We sent 59,400 emails, made 1,288 calls, and told 3,244 friends about our work. That’s 63,932 actions in total!

We’ve demonstrated the deep well of support from friends of Israel for the President’s leadership in achieving a two-state solution now, for ending the stalemate of the past two decades, and for the difficult steps we’re asking Israel and its neighbors to take.