Abbas’ Vile Speech. Trump’s Disastrous Policies.

Over the weekend, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gave a provocative and incendiary speech, confirming that prospects for Israeli-Palestinian...

What I learned in Ahed Tamimi’s Living Room

The occupation drafts teenagers on both sides into a war that they should not be waging – with...

Restoring Power to Gaza will Ease Conditions in the Strip and Make Israelis More Secure

It was encouraging to learn this weekend that the Israeli government, at the request of the Palestinian Authority,...

New Israeli Travel Ban Is a Major Blow to Democracy, Empowers BDS Movement

With the announcement that members of twenty organizations will be banned from entering Israel because of their support...

Q&A: The State of the Iran Deal

By this time next week, we’ll likely know if President Trump has decided to violate the Iran nuclear...

On Iran, US Should Do No Harm

The recent street protests in Iran, which have grown into the most significant expression of anti-government feeling since...

Thoughts on the Tamimi Case: The Answer Isn’t Arresting a 16 Year-Old Girl, It’s Ending a 50-Year Occupation

Jeremy Ben-Ami: The case of Ahed Tamimi encapsulates the tragedy of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The abdication of global leadership

On Jerusalem, as on so many other issues, “America First” looks like “America Alone.”

Letter from Palestinian Peace Activist Ali Abu Awwad to President Trump After Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

I am writing to you hoping that my voice will be heard. This is a message from a...

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