Confederation: An Emerging Plausible Two-State Solution? What Changes in the US, Israel and Palestine Portend for the Future

With special guests Bernard Avishai and Sam Bahour

Featured Speakers

Bernard Avishai is an American-Israeli professor and author of The Tragedy of Zionism, A New Israel, The Hebrew Republic, as well as dozens of articles about Israel and the Middle East conflict in such publications as Harper’s, The New York Review, The Nation and New York Times Magazine.

Sam Bahour is a Palestinian-American business consultant in Ramallah and serves as a policy adviser to Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network.

Join J Street Chicago on April 6 for an opportunity to meet (virtually) and hear from Bernard Avishai and Sam Bahour as they examine the confederation model for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In their recent New York Times op-ed, Israeli journalist Bernard Avishai and Palestinian entrepreneur Sam Bahour argue that the key to resolving the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is a confederated state that guarantees freedom of movement, sovereignty and security. Over the years, this topic has been extensively discussed by both activists and academics. But there are many misconceptions about what ‘confederation’ means and the steps that would be needed to reach such a result. This event is presented by J Street Chicago and is open to all. If you have any questions, please contact Becky Galler at [email protected].