Israel Election Outlook with Moav Vardi

December 23, 2014

On December 17, 2014 the Palestinian Authority introduced a resolution at the UN calling for a countdown to two states. The next day, Prime Minister Netanyahu dismissed it as a unilateral move, so we know where this Israeli government stands. But elections are coming, and that could mean change is on the horizon.

We had a special briefing with with Israeli journalist Moav Vardi to discuss the these recent events and their potential impact on the current Israeli political landscape.

Listen to our briefing call with Moav Vardi

About Moav Vardi: Moav is one of Israel’s top diplomatic and political correspondent having fulfilled this role for popular Channel 10 news for several years. He has broken many stories and is known for his excellent sources in the Israeli government. As well as his day-to-day coverage, Vardi often conducts deep investigative reports involving Israel’s place in the international community. He has also reported on the role of AIPAC in the US. A good friend of J Street, Vardi has proved an invaluable resource into what is really happening at the top echelons of Israeli policy making.