Who Backs The Deal?

Who supports this international agreement with Iran? American and international political leaders back the deal. Nearly the entire community of arms control and nuclear proliferation experts thinks it’s an outstanding accomplishment. And while Israel’s politicians waver, top security chiefs — ranking military chiefs and past leaders of the Mossad and Shin Bet — support the deal.


Nuclear and arms control experts have been vocal supporters of the deal

“Simply put, every single one of their pathways to a nuclear weapon has been blocked. The deal has been a major success.”

-Uzi Even

Former lead scientist at Israel’s Dimona reactor

“I am sure the deal that was signed is preferable to the current situation because it delays Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear bomb by at least 15 years and in practice ends its nuclear aspirations.”

-Uzi Eilam

Former Director of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission

“In the next 15 years, if Iran will respect its obligations, Iran won’t be a nuclear country, period. They won’t have the materials. The question is whether they will respect their obligation, and that is the hard question.”

-Eli Levite

Former deputy director general of atomic energy commission

National Security Figures

Those charged with protecting Israel's security understand the deal does exactly that.

“This agreement is better than no agreement and must not be rejected. If implemented, it will block all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon, and extend the time Iran would need to build a bomb from only two months to more than a year…”

-Ami Ayalon

Former Shin Bet Director

“This agreement represents the best chance to make sure Iran never obtains a weapon and the best chance for Congress to support American diplomacy—without taking any options off the table for this or future presidents. The deal deserves Congressional support… While there are aspects of the deal that merit close review, many of these attacks just don’t stand up to scrutiny.”

-Shlomo Brom

Retired Brigadier General

“This is the agreement that was reached — and despite its faults, it is not a bad one. Crucially, it will contribute to Israel’s security.”

-Churck Freilich

Former deputy national security advisor

“The agreement prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon for 10-15 years. Obama says and he is right–this agreement is not about trust, it’s about verification. No agreement can be perfect. We live in the real world and it is the best agreement that they could reach.”

-Eran Etzion

Former deputy head of the National Security Council

“The agreement is not bad for Israel. It is reasonable. It’s by far a greater achievement than what people here pretended could have been achieved… A good number of my friends in the army and the intelligence community think that the deal is reasonable.”

-Giora Inbar

Former brigadier general

“Without an agreement, Iran will be free to act as it wishes, whereas the sanctions regime against it will crumble in any case… if the nuclear issue is of cardinal existential importance, what is the point of canceling an agreement that distances Iran from the bomb?”

-Efraim Halevy

Former Mossad director

“This agreement is the best among all other alternatives, and any military strike – as successful as it may be – would not have delayed even 20% of what the agreement will delay.”

-Israel Ziv

Former major general