In New Poll, Israelis Once Again Demonstrate Their Support for a Two-State Solution

Melanie Fineman Image
Melanie Fineman
on January 30, 2017

This month, the INSS (Institute for National Security Studies) released their annual poll and National Security Index. What they found was very encouraging.

There is also majority support for the two-state solution among both the secular and religious.

These results are in line with the findings of an Israeli poll commissioned by J Street, the results of which were released several weeks ago.

The facts are clear: Most Israelis want to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict brought to an end with an agreement that guarantees two states for two peoples living side by side in peace and security. While settlement movement leaders and their allies in the US push instead for a “one-state nightmare,” we need to do everything we can to make clear that their views are dangerous and fringe – and do not comport with those of the majority of Israelis.