News Roundup for April 12, 2022

April 12, 2022
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Top News and Analysis

Israeli Officer Kills Palestinian Man Who Stabbed Him, The Washington Post
An Israeli police officer shot and killed a Palestinian man who stabbed him in southern Israel early on Tuesday, police said, the latest in a series of deadly incidents during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The police said the man drew a knife and stabbed the officer during a security check near a construction site in the city of Ashkelon. The officer, lightly wounded, shot the man and killed him. The Magen David Adom rescue service took the officer to a nearby hospital.

Israeli Army Arrests 14 Suspects in West Bank; Palestinian PM Urges World ‘To Stop Israeli Escalation’, Haaretz
Fourteen Palestinians suspected of terrorist activity in the West Bank were arrested on Monday, the Israeli army said in a statement. Tensions between Palestinians and Israeli forces in the West Bank have been on the rise following a series of Palestinian terror attacks that have taken the lives of 14 Israelis in the last three weeks. Eight suspects were detained, and four vehicles as well as two guns were confiscated by Israeli troops in the villages of Burqa and Kafr Qallil. The army also said that during the operation, dozens of Palestinians burned tires and hurled stones at the soldiers.


Israel Okays Connecting Illegal West Bank Outposts to Power Grid, Haaretz
Israel’s Attorney General’s Office has approved connecting illegal West Bank Jewish outposts that were built without Israeli government approval to the electricity grid. According to a legal opinion issued by Deputy Attorney General Carmit Yulis, only outposts that were built on land declared state-owned by Israel will be connected, thereby excluding outposts built on privately owned Palestinian land.

‘No Government With Joint List,’ Bennett Vows Amid Coalition Crisis , The Jerusalem Post
The coalition will not invite the Joint List to join its ranks, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett vowed amid an ongoing political crisis and outrage after Joint List leader Ayman Odeh called on Israeli police officers to refuse orders.

2 Jews Shot and Wounded While Trying to Visit Joseph’s Tomb in the West Bank City of Nablus, JTA
Two Hasidic Jews were shot and wounded on Monday while trying to visit Joseph’s Tomb, a shrine in the West Bank city of Nablus believed by some to be the burial site of Joseph, the son of the biblical patriarch Jacob. The two men did not coordinate their visit with Israel’s army, which typically escorts groups to the site a few times a year, according to Israeli media.

Rare Administrative Detention for Jewish Israeli Approved by Defense Minister Gantz, Haaretz
Defense Minister Benny Gantz signed an administrative detention order against a Jewish Israeli man on Sunday, the second time he has done so in a month. The order, which allows detention without the approval of a judge, will be in force for three months.

Opinion and Analysis

Paralyzing Jenin With Sanctions Will Only Harm Israel, Haaretz
Haaretz’s Editorial Board writes, “The Israeli decision to close off Jenin won’t contribute to Israel’s security. The ongoing repression and collective punishments won’t cause those young men to lay down their weapons. These steps will only intensify the enmity and curtail any chance of discussing a diplomatic horizon – something many ministers in this “government of change,” including Gantz, have supported ever since the government was formed.”

Bennett’s Coalition Crisis Puts Palestinian Parties in a Dilemma, +972 Mag
Wadea Awawdy notes, “Facing disgruntled voters and the threat of Netanyahu’s return, the Joint List appears conflicted about whether to provide a lifeline to the government.”