News Roundup for August 15, 2023

August 15, 2023
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Top News and Analysis

AIPAC Is the Pro-Netanyahu, Anti-Israel Lobby, Haaretz
The Haaretz Editorial Board writes, “[AIPAC] has become an operational wing of Netanyahu’s far-right government, one that peddles a false image of a liberal Israel in the United States and sells illusions to members of Congress. AIPAC’s willingness to abandon the fight over Israel’s character and lend a hand to it becoming alienated from its “shared values” with America obliges us to ask whether it is truly contributing to American-Israeli relations or serving as a vehicle for their destruction.”

Court Orders Main Suspect in Killing of Palestinian in Burqa Released to House Arrest, The Times of Israel
An Israeli judge rejects law enforcement’s appeal of the decision to release murder suspect Yehiel Indore, as police arrest two Palestinians suspected of taking part in the violent clash in Burqa earlier this month.


Egypt, Jordan and Palestinian President Slam Israel, Say it’s Fueling Violence Against Palestinians, AP
The condemnation came at the end of a three-way summit in the northern Egyptian city of el-Alamein that brought together Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The three accused Israel of a number violations against Palestinians.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah Makes Show of Force as Israel Tensions Mount, Al-Monitor
Lebanese paramilitary group Hezbollah is flexing its muscles amid growing tensions both domestically and with Israel. Several political groups including Christian parties and activists condemned the incident and renewed calls to disarm Hezbollah.

Power Cuts, Heatwave Disrupt Lives of Sick Gazans, Haaretz
Power cuts in the Israel-controlled enclave – home to more than 2.3 million – now last for around 12 hours a day as demand for air conditioning soars. “Power cuts deprive patients of their right to regular oxygen ventilation and that pushes patients to keep visiting hospital,” one Gazan doctor said.

Netanyahu ‘Won’t Relax At Our Expense,’ Protesters Vow Outside Vacation Spot, The Times of Israel
The anti-Netanyahu protesters waved Israel flags and donned shirts with pro-democracy slogans, urging resistance to the judicial overhaul, as the premier’s convoy arrived at the entrance to the northern moshav for vacation.

Opinion and Analysis

The Challenges for a Saudi-Israeli Peace Deal [Podcast], NPR
Daniel Estrin speaks with journalists and experts to understand what challenges remain for Israel and Saudi Arabia to normalize relations.

The Settlers Wanted Supreme Power. They Got a Rebellion Instead, +972
Meron Rapoport notes, “That the gradual dissolution of the judicial system would become Netanyahu’s last-ditch effort to avoid potential prison time for his corruption scandals is now well-known. But the real engine behind the overhaul was never Likud — it was and remains the flagship project of the national-religious sector, and the focus of the Religious Zionist Party’s agenda, which seeks to ‘restart the legal system.’”

Hawks Hurl Lies Over Iran Prisoner Swap But Can’t Hide This Truth, Responsible Statecraft
Eldar Mamedov writes, “Biden can also claim a win: the release of the unjustly imprisoned Americans at no actual cost to the US. Whatever the hawks’ vitriolic objections, granting Iran access to its own money and prisoners, in a strictly monitored and conditional way, cannot be seen as a major US concession.”