News Roundup for August 31, 2023

August 31, 2023
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J Street In the News

Zelensky Pushing US for Long-term Security Deal Based On ‘Israeli Model’, Newsweek
“It’s also not a given that US lawmakers will be as supportive of Ukraine as they are of Israel, said Jeremy Ben-Ami, the president of J Street, a nonprofit liberal advocacy group. “The US-Israel relationship is ‘unshakeable’ because of the bipartisan support that Israel gets. I don’t know if that model is replicable anywhere else in the world,” Ben-Ami said.”

Top News and Analysis

Soldier Killed, Six Injured in Truck-ramming Terror Attack, The Times of Israel
An off-duty Israeli soldier was killed and six other people, some of them soldiers, were wounded in a truck-ramming terror attack at a West Bank checkpoint near the central city of Modiin on Thursday morning, officials said.

Israeli Wounded in Jerusalem Stabbing; 14-year-old Palestinian Assailant Shot Dead, Haaretz
A 22-year-old Israel was moderately wounded in a stabbing attack at a light rail station in central Jerusalem on Wednesday. According to police, the 14-year-old assailant was shot and killed by an off-duty border police officer who was on the light rail when he witnessed the incident.

Palestinians Gave Saudis List of What They Want in Israel-Saudi Peace Deal, Axios
The Palestinian Authority’s list of wants in any US-Israel-Saudi Arabia mega-deal includes Israel giving it more control over certain areas of the occupied West Bank and the reopening of the US consulate in Jerusalem, according to six US and Israeli sources familiar with the issue.


Netanyahu’s Hasbara Minister Wants to Revoke Credentials of Journalists Critical of Israel, Haaretz
Prime Minister Netanyahu’s allies have advocated steps to put pressure on the independent media in Israel. Distal Atbaryan’s past attacks on the international press “could endanger reporters in Israel,” says the foreign press association.

Conservative Judge Seeks Presidency of Israel’s High Court in New Challenge to Embattled Judiciary, AP
With the court’s current president, Esther Hayut, due to retire in October, Judge Yosef Elron’s decision to throw his name in the ring as her replacement represents a departure from tradition. The committee that selects the president of the country’s top court has always nominated the most senior judge for the position.

Israeli Cops and Firefighters Barred by Far-right Minister from Wexner Fellowships at Harvard, The Forward
Ben-Gvir issued the ban due to what he calls the left-wing political bent of the program’s funder, the Ohio-based Wexner Foundation. The far-right minister tweeted Monday that he made the decision to sever ties because of the foundation’s “involvement and cooperation with distinctly left-wing groups like Breaking the Silence.”

Israeli Army Impounds Cars of Masafer Yatta Residents in Sign of Stepped-up Enforcement, Haaretz
The military has impounded 11 vehicles in the West Bank over the past two weeks belonging to residents of the Masafer Yatta area, saying they were in a military firing zone.

Opinion and Analysis

What’s Behind Rare Intra-Palestinian Clashes in West Bank, Al-Monitor
Adam Lucente notes, “The incident occurred at a time of growing tensions in the West Bank involving Israel, the PA, Hamas and other armed groups. Israel has significantly increased its security raids in the occupied territory this year in response to attacks against Israelis both in Israel and West Bank settlements […] There are also concerns in the United States and Israel that the PA is at risk of collapsing.”

Another Annexation Development: Government Allocates New Lands to Settlements, Peace Now
Peace Now reports, “Allowing the Settlement Division to manage these lands in the occupied territories is comparable to entrusting a fox with guarding the henhouse. This essentially amounts to privatizing land management, which is inconsistent with democratic governance and is unlawful within occupied territories according to international law.”

Even Bees Can’t Escape Israeli Settler Violence, +972
​Imad Abu Hawash writes, “He went back a few days later, on August 1, to collect the honey — but instead Al-Sarha found ashes. “Twenty beehives had been burned out of 55,” he said, inflicting a financial loss of almost NIS 40,000 (around $10,500). Now vulnerable to the same settler violence that had chased away his friend’s family, Al-Sarha was forced to move the surviving hives to another area.”