News Roundup for October 6, 2023

October 6, 2023
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J Street In the News

J Street Mourns the Death of Israeli Feminist and Peacebuilding Pioneer Alice Shalvi, J Street
“Shalvi was an early supporter of our movement and engaged with J Street from its earliest days — we were deeply honored by her participation at a number of our early gatherings in Israel. She couldn’t have been more encouraging and supportive of our mission, and we treasure that support to this day.”

Top News and Analysis

One Palestinian Killed After Settlers Enter West Bank Town of Hawara to Set Up Sukkah, Haaretz
A 19-year-old Palestinian was shot and killed in the early hours of Friday in the West Bank town of Hawara. The IDF said the man was shot after throwing a large rock towards an Israeli vehicle, though the Palestinian Health Ministry claims he was shot by a Jewish settler. The clashes began when a group of Israelis, including far-right lawmaker Zvi Sukkot, arrived in Hawara to set up a Sukkah in response to a shooting by a Palestinian at an Israeli vehicle.

Israeli Parents, Baby Escape Unscathed as West Bank Terrorist Opens Fire on Car, The Times of Israel
A Palestinian gunman opened fire at an Israeli family driving through the West Bank town of Hawara on Thursday afternoon, causing no injuries, the military and medics said. The suspected assailant, who fled the scene, was shot dead by troops several hours later.


Israel’s Embargo Made Donkeys Critical to Gaza. Now it May Take Them Away, The Washington Post
Israel’s more-than-15-year-old economic embargo limits the supply of trucks and fuel, so Gazans have reverted to donkey carts to haul produce, building materials, bomb debris and garbage. But now, donkeys are hard to come by, a consequence of Israeli economic controls.

Israelis Are More Divided Than Ever on Judaism, Religion and State, Says Poll, The Jerusalem Post
A new survey conducted by the Institute for Jewish and Zionist Research showed an unprecedented split in the Israeli public’s attitude towards religion. Most of the Israeli public believed that during the Bennett-Lapid government, there was a much better attitude towards religion.

Senator Ernst to Lead US Delegation to Saudi Arabia, Meet MBS, Axios
Ernst, who is a co-chair of the Abraham Accords Caucus in Congress, is expected to encourage both Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to move towards normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, a source briefed on the trip said.

Settler Violence is Fueling Effects of Climate Breakdown on Palestinians, +972
With the drastic reduction in land available for Palestinian shepherds to use, due to movement restrictions from the military and settler violence, the climate-induced desertification process is being accelerated in Masafer Yatta.

Opinion and Analysis

Biden and Europe Beware: Your Silence on Israel’s Annexation Strengthens Putin, Haaretz
Amir Tibon notes, “If Smotrich gets away with this, one leader will be very happy: Russian president Vladimir Putin. European diplomats admit that not pushing back against Israeli annexation will weaken their argument against Putin’s own annexationist agenda in Ukraine. It’s not clear, therefore, why they are turning a blind eye to what Israel’s far-right leader is doing.”

Why I Spent Yom Kippur Protecting Palestinian Villagers from Settler Violence, JTA
Sam Stein writes, “This past Yom Kippur, when the rabbis of the Talmud tell us to fully prostrate ourselves during prayer, I asked for forgiveness with my whole body by spending the Day of Atonement in Ein Rashash, a Palestinian Bedouin shepherding community located 22 miles northeast of Ramallah. Its residents had requested a 24/7 presence from solidarity activists due to threats from the nearby Israeli outpost of Malachi Hashalom.”

Ignoring the Palestinians Brings Intifada, History Shows, YNet News
Ephraim Sneh argues, “We have returned to November 1987. The lesson of the outbreak of the first intifada was that when the Palestinians are ignored, especially by their Arab brethren, and the sense of despondency toward a diplomatic solution grows, an outbreak of violence is inevitable.”